Bowl Mould


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Product Specification

  • Dimension : 20cmx20cmx11cm
  • Weight : 300g
  • Silicone tray mold size 20.6cm/8.1nch x 6.6cm/2.5inch, novel and unique shape, suitable for home decoration.oration.
  • High Quality Resin Molds :Our Resin Molds are made of 100% silicone material, with good flexibility, reusable.
  • Multi-Purpose:Decorative fruit bowl can be used as either a fruit bowl or centerpiece, with an open circle shape design. Large capacity allows you to store all sorts of fruits and vegetables. It can be used to make storage plates, jewelry boxes, candy containers, ornaments, etc.
  • Easy to Operate: Just fill the silicone resin molds with epoxy can add some decorative objects such as dried flowers, crystals, glitter, etc. Resin comes out smoothly when it's cured. It will become an amazing resin craft! Also suitable for beginners.
  • You can add beads, rhinestones, sequins, dried flowers, gold leaf, shells, glitter and other decorations you like. After the resin is fully cured, you can easily release the mold from the tray mold. You only need to twist the silicone mold, and then after the resin is fully cured, release your creation from the silicone mold used for epoxy resin.