Copper Flakes


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Product Specification

  • Dimension : 15cm x 10cm x 10cm
  • Weight : 50g
  • GOODNESS INSIDE: 1 pack which includes gold flakes which is great for resin jewelry making.
  • MULTIPLE CRAFT ITEMS : If you are in the crafts business and sell your own handmade designs, these flakes will surely beautify every piece of your works and make them unique. Using these flakes will definitely make your works stand out from the others.
  • LONG TERM USE : These flakes features characters like fade-proof and antioxidant. That makes it become suitable for some amazing art and crafts and can produce a shiny texture effect, which is perfect addition on your wonderful art works.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS : The gold flakes are perfect for resin jewelry making, acrylic painting, nail art, sticky clay making, photo frame and other crafts paste.
  • NOTE : The gold flakes are made of metallic objects, so please mind that they are not edible and do not decorate them to food related art crafts such as cake, ice cream and other foods.