Flamethrower Torch


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Product Specification

  • Dimension : 15 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight : 1kg
  • MULTIPLE USES: Adjustable temperature regulator for full flame control and allows the flame temperature to reach 1200 C / 2192 F. You can use this torch for uses such as custard, barbecue, green peppers browning, cakes and breads, light roasting some food , desserts caramelize and so on. Ideal to caramelize the high sugar of flan, glazing of a cooked ham, a scorching fillet, roast peppers, fusion cheese and toast the bread crumbs.
  • PROFESSIONAL LEVEL SAFETY Includes sliding safety switch On / Off, Built in child safety to prevent involuntary activation. Robust removable base to firmly fix the torch when it is left to cool and a sturdy design to keep it at ease. This butane gas will not volatilize until the kitchen torch is ignited. This eliminates the risk of accidental ignition. Made of a robust body of ABS and high quality stainless steel.
  • EASY TO USE The kitchen torch is very professional. Simply slide the locking safety latch, turn the flame knob until you hear the gas flow and press the ignition button. And adjust the size of the flame with a simple twist of the gas flow regulator. It also has a black plastic base that can be easily removed. This culinary torch can be used at any 360 degree angle, which means you can use it in an inverted or vertical position
  • MULTIPURPOSE WELDING TOOL This kitchen torch allows you to prepare the best dinner of your life! It can also be used outside the kitchen for welding, welding, brazing, jewelry making, repairs and much more. A convenient fire starter to take on camping trips.