Wax Carving Set - 12 Pcs - 12 Pcs


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Product Specification

  • Dimension : 25.4 x 17.6 x 1.3
  • Weight : 260gms

        High Quality Material: Made of high quality SK2 Stainless Steel. Does not Rust or Deform, heat resistant, highly durable and double headed. Can be used from both ends. Smooth finish and easy to clean. Clay, or Wax does not stick to the surface.

         Easy to Use: The Clay Carving Tools have a Dual-End Design, and can be used from both sides. One complete Set with all the tools that are needed to create, sculpt shape, or craft anything in any texture. Mainly used for Wax Carving, but are also great for Pumpkin carving on Halloween, or watermelon carving.

         Wide Application: Can be used for multiple different carving techniques, such as: hollow carvings, chip carvings, embossed carvings, etc. Also suitable for Carpentry, Engraving, Whipping, Carving, Marking, Plastic, Styling, Cutting, Grinding and Scraping. Can be used on Clay, Polymer, Plastics, Soaps, Mud Plastics, Pumpkins, Melons, Fruits, Ice, etc.

         Set Contains: 12 pcs Wax Carver Set with: 2x Knives - for straight lines; 2x Spades - for deep angled grooves; 2x Spatula - for shaping out large areas; 2x Scrapers - for Precision marks or cleaning; 2x Scoops - for removing or applying material; 2x Burnishers - for smoothing out sections