Bees Wax ( 1kg )


(Including all taxes)

Product Specification

  • Dimension : 10x6x4cm
  • Weight : 1kg

1100% pure beeswax for candle making and other DIY projects

Natural, sustainable and renewable resource

Long lasting and clean burn, with a burn time of approximately 50-60 hours

Can be easily blended with essential oils to create custom scents

Ideal for use in container candles, votive candles, and pillar candles

Versatile and can be used in a wide range of container sizes and shapes

Does not release harmful toxins or pollutants when burned

Can be used as a base wax for making wax melts, tarts, and more

Available in various granule sizes for easy melting and pouring

Beeswax candles emit negative ions when burned, which can help to purify the air

Made in INDIA

Great for making homemade candles, tarts, and more

Easy to use, melt and pour.