Casting - 20kg


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Product Specification

  • Dimension : 15*15*6
  • Weight : 20kg

CASTRICA CASTING POWDER: This Casting Material is a non-toxic blend of fine grade gypsum specially formulated to create the most accurately detailed and high quality casts from your molds

EASY TO USE: Easy to mix and use, Perfect Cast quickly hardens to perfection in 30-45 minutes

USAGE: Step-wise guide for making the best cast out of the alginate mold

Step 1: Powder water ratio: 1g molding powder needs 0.33-0.35 ml water. First add enough water (22C). Pour the casting powder and stir for 1 min & 30 sec.

Step 2: Slowly inject the casting powder along with the inner walls of the mold cavity and vibrate the cup slowly to remove the bubble.

Step 3: Wait for the casting Powder to solidify and harden. Pull out the model and slowly peel off the hand mold.

STRONG CAST: Your finished cast will be 5 times stronger than ordinary plaster casts for durability and longevity

ONE FOR ALL: Beginners and experts alike trust their craft projects to our Casting Material ensuring the best results every time.